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Resolution to Repeal Various Obsolete Business License Code Provisions - Special Event Permit


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The City Clerk’s office, in cooperation with several other City Departments, has begun a thorough review of the City of Grand Rapids City Code in an effort to ensure fair and equitable licensing practices. 


A workgroup has been established to review the legality, public safety, intent and purpose of these ordinances.  Our review has been conducted with an eye toward diversity and inclusion as reflected in the Code language. 


Six licensing ordinances have been identified thus far as being obsolete, redundantly licensed by the State, issued/managed by other departments within the organization, no longer serving the community as originally intended, or otherwise ripe for repeal.


Attached is a resolution to publish the proposed repeal or amendment.  Each resolution must be considered and voted upon separately:


Resolution “F” amends the City Code by repealing sections of Chapter 99 related to the Special Event Permit.  The Special Events department has an extensive licensing process which already covers everything required for this version of the permit.

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1.     That the attached ordinance repealing Chapter 99 “Special Event Permit” of Title VII “Licensing and Regulation” of the Code of the City of Grand Rapids shall be published as part of the proceedings; and


2.     That the proposed ordinance shall be considered for adoption at a subsequent City Commission meeting; and


3.     That in accordance with Title V, Section 10(a) of the Grand Rapids City Charter, the attached ordinance shall be published in a paper of general circulation in the City of Grand Rapids.